We write many articles in our blog about many different subjects, but whether we like it or not, there is always one that appears that gives a special charm to our land, the wine. Today we are going to talk about the grape harvest in La Rioja.

Approximately at the end of September, although the tendency is to come earlier, one of the most important and charming activities in the world of wine takes place, the grape harvest in La Rioja.

This process lasts approximately 40 days, and although it maintains its traditional essence, it applies technical innovations that facilitate the task at all levels.

In this way, the grapes are collected from the vine and transferred to the different wineries of La Rioja, where the process of elaboration of the different varieties of wine on the market will begin.

We are not going to mention any particular winery in Haro as we have already done so on other occasions, but we would like to emphasize the importance of the wine business in the Rioja Alavesa, giving a spectacular dynamism to the area.

The San Mateo festivities are the grape harvest festivities par excellence in La Rioja. It is an itinerant festival where wine takes center stage for 8 days. The treading of the grapes and the offering of the first must to the Virgin of Valvanera are the central acts of the celebration.

From a purely festive point of view, it is worth mentioning the parades, concerts, the bullfighting fair or fireworks among others. The Gastronomic Week is held at the same time, where the different typical Riojan dishes are promoted, accompanied by the best wines of La Rioja. And to end the festivities, the traditional burning of the vat takes place.

During these dates there is a significant increase in the number of visitors to the area, so we recommend that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible.


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