Traveling to La Rioja with children is one of the best options for families. In the previous post we already talked about family travel and how in Wine and Soul Suites Apartments we put at your disposal an ideal accommodation for families.

There are many activities to do with children in La Rioja and we anticipate that you will lack days to enjoy them, so here are some of them:

– Paleontological Interpretation Center of La Rioja.
– Interpretation center on beekeeping in Campomiel.
– Visit to the caves of Ortigosa.
– Science House in Logroño.
– Visit to the beautiful area of the Grajera Park.
– Fungitourism in the town of Pradejón.
– For the more adventurous visit to the Ojapark.
– In Calahorra the bird park of Tierra Rapaz.
– Interpretation center of the Castillo de Luna.
– Park of the Lost Ravine.
– Riojanatura zoological park.
– Contemplation of the stork nests in the town of Alfaro.

On the other hand, we always relate the world of wine with adults, but the youngest members of the family can get into this culture through wine-related activities such as treading grapes or walking through the vineyards.

Here we have presented some of the activities, although we have left out many others. You can find thematic webs about activities with children in La Rioja, where you can go into much more detail.

Apart from all these activities, there is nothing better than visiting with the family the different charming villages of La Rioja and enjoy its people, gastronomy and cultural heritage, it is the best way to enjoy the trip and that children leave with a great taste in their mouths.


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