When we talk about what to do in La Rioja, the first thing that comes to mind are visits to Rioja wineries or enjoying the rich gastronomy of La Rioja, but today we are going to talk about an outdoor activity to enjoy the pleasant and wonderful landscapes of La Rioja focusing on the Green Route of the Oja.

Due to the Covid pandemic, more and more people are becoming more and more adept at enjoying nature and hiking outdoors and that is why we propose an excursion along the banks of the Ebro following the path of the old route that followed the narrow-gauge railroad through La Rioja.

The route is 28 kilometers long, starting at the station of Casalarreina and ending at the station of Ezcaray. So staying in our apartment in Haro is an ideal starting point for this excursion through La Rioja that we propose.

It would be very extensive to detail the entire route so we are going to give you different points of interest so you can get an idea of the route and where it goes: Haro, Casalarreina, Castañares de Rioja, Bañares, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Santurde station, San Asensio los Cantos, Ojacastro and finally Ezcaray.

It is a highly recommended route to do either on foot, for the more daring, or by bicycle to go faster. Spring and autumn are ideal times to do the green route of the river Oja, because the temperatures are more bearable. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes, as we will find asphalted stretches combined with dirt roads.

In Spain we are going to find different green ways and without a doubt the green way of the Oja is one of the best ways to enter in the lands of La Rioja.

As we always say count on our apartment in Haro and we will inform you about all the details of the excursion and other activities in La Rioja.


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