The visit to Sierra de Cebollera is undoubtedly one of the most attractive activities to do in La Rioja. To situate ourselves geographically, Sierra de Cebollera is located just 50 kilometers from Logroño with a large area that covers several municipalities of La Rioja.

Its extension of 23600 hectares constitutes a geological enclave that stands out for the different pits, which are glacial formations, over 2000 meters high. Other natural phenomena such as moraines, cirques or rounded rocks form part of the landscape of Sierra de Cebollera.

In this natural environment we can find varieties such as oak, beech or Scots pine as well as streams and waterfalls that make it a place of great natural value.

As far as the fauna of the place is concerned, species such as the Iberian partridge, varieties of birds of prey, deer or wild boars stand out. On the other hand, in the rivers we will find species of trout, otters and minks.

This richness and biodiversity make the Sierra de Cebollera, a charming place, ideal to disconnect from the day to day and get lost along the different trails and paths to know in depth all the corners of the place.

We can take a circular route through the park that runs through 7 different summits, that if, we must bear in mind that this is a demanding route from a physical point of view. For the more conservative, you can take one of the many trails to enjoy a quiet walk.

We always say that in La Rioja we have to discover all the charms it has, both natural, scenic, cultural, wine or gastronomic. That is why we recommend you to prepare well the route, so Haro becomes an ideal place as a starting point for a whole series of activities in La Rioja.

And as always you can count on us to recommend a whole series of activities to do in La Rioja during your stay.

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