We continue discovering all the charming corners of La Rioja and this time we are going to propose a visit to the Seven Villas and discover all it has to offer.

The region of the Seven Villas is formed by the municipalities of Brieva de Cameros, Canales de la Sierra, Mansilla de la Sierra, Ventrosa de la Sierra, Villavelayo, Viniegra de Abajo and Viniegra de Arriba.

We would like to give you a brief description of each of these municipalities so that you can get an idea of their main characteristics and thus be able to better plan your getaway to the Seven Villas in La Rioja.

Brieva de Cameros: located 62 kilometers from Logroño. In Brieva we cannot miss the church of San Miguel, the gardens of Felguera and the neighborhood of Barruso. It is rich in natural resources such as the Brieva river and various springs.

Canales de la Sierra: 84 kilometers from Logroño in the heart of the Sierra de la Demanda. We recommend visiting the Palacio de Condestable, the theater building, the church of San Cristóbal and the hermitage of La Soledad.

Mansilla de la Sierra: small town 72 kilometers from Logroño. The current reservoir was the main cause of the demographic decline suffered by the municipality. As with all reservoirs, when the waters recede, it reveals its charms, as in this case the old houses of the place or the remains of the Romanesque church.

Ventrosa de la Sierra: 70 kilometers from Logroño is this beautiful municipality in the region of Nájera, which, with an activity exclusively dedicated to livestock farming, has been losing its population considerably. Of note are the church of San Pedro and San Pablo, the hermitages of Cristo and Villa Rica as well as the Puente de Hiedra.

Villavelayo: 77 kilometers from Logroño and at the junction of the rivers Neila and Canales we find this charming village noted for its beech forests and natural enclaves. We cannot miss the church of Santa María de la Asunción and its hermitage.

Viniegra de Abajo: 69 kilometers from Logroño, in this small but beautiful town we will enjoy a large number of palatial houses. You should definitely get lost in its charming streets built in stone and visit the church of the Asunción as well as the hermitages of San Millán and Soledad.

Viniegra de Arriba: next to Viniegra de Abajo and the Ormazal River, it is reminiscent of its neighboring town for its cobblestone streets. It is worth visiting the Roman necropolis, the church of the Assumption and the hermitage of the Magdalena.

Without a doubt we recommend you to escape and visit these beautiful places that will make you travel to the past and enjoy its architecture and its people in an incredible natural environment.

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