In this post we are going to stop at the typical dishes and products of Haro and delve into the rich gastronomy in Haro, as we are not going to fool ourselves that one of the biggest motivations to travel to La Rioja, and specifically to travel to Haro, is to enjoy the food and wines of La Rioja.

As far as the delicacies of La Rioja are concerned, you cannot leave Haro without trying the pinchos, sandwiches, tapas or cazuelitas in the different bars and taverns of Haro. If you come from cities like Barcelona or Madrid, you will realize that you are going to eat very tasty products at an affordable price, which accompanied by Rioja wines will make your visit to Haro an unforgettable experience in the Rioja.

In this post we are not going to talk about restaurants in Haro in particular, but about dishes and products that you will find in the restaurants in the area. Omelettes, peppers, chorizos, cheeses, caparrones, Rioja-style eggs, Rioja-style cod, lamb chops, Rioja sausage, Rioja sausage, Rioja-style potatoes or caparrones are dishes that you cannot miss and as we have said before you will be delighted with the value for money of each one of them.

We are not going to forget the Riojan sweets, since you will find pastry shops in Haro that elaborate their products with first quality materials and in an artisan way. In this way you will not be able to resist their specialties such as “huesos de santo”, marzipan, braids, puff pastries or a variety of pastries among other local specialties.

In the stores of the old town you can buy local products, sweets and wines of La Rioja and as always from Wine & Soul Suites apartments in Haro we will make all kinds of recommendations in this regard.


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