Riojaforum is the name given to the Congress Palace of La Rioja and we find it in the city of Logroño, becoming the main and most important place in the dissemination of culture and major events in La Rioja.

We are going to explain the different parts that make up the conference center of La Rioja to better understand everything that can be held inside and the great dynamism that it means for the community.

First of all we talk about the Auditorium, with more than 1200 seats, it becomes a large multipurpose space ideal for holding artistic events, concerts and large events and conventions of large capacity. The large hall is set up in theater layout and of course has all kinds of audiovisual facilities and everything necessary for high-level event celebrations.

The chamber hall has a capacity for 418 people and is the ideal space for medium-sized meetings. The chamber hall has excellent acoustics and luminosity. In addition, the design of the ceiling and the seating is a sign of the modernity of the space.

On another level, Riojaforum has 9 additional meeting rooms, ideal for smaller meetings. The surfaces range from 40 to 160 square meters, with the advantage of offering different distributions in the assemblies depending on the needs of the clients.

Riojaforum also has a banquet and exhibition hall with a surface area of more than 600 square meters with a cocktail or banquet layout.

We remind you that the distance from Haro to Logroño is less than 50 kilometers, making Haro an ideal destination to spend a few unforgettable days in La Rioja after a few days of work.


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