As you know, in this blog we usually talk about different activities that can be done in La Rioja, so that you know a little better our land, but today we are going to talk about what we can find if we stay in Wine and Soul Suites Apartments in Haro so you can give a vacation in La Rioja to your partners, friends or family.

From our apartments in Haro we offer our customers a gift voucher. Here we leave the url of access so that you can contact us and we can inform you about it so you can give a vacation in La Rioja.

Our vouchers are open date, so that they can be enjoyed at the most appropriate time, without any strings attached. For experience in this type of gifts, we can accompany the stay with a reservation in a typical restaurant in La Rioja, or some other type of experience such as a balloon ride in La Rioja or a visit to a wine cellar in Haro.

You also know that, in our apartments in La Rioja, we will give you an exceptional treatment by putting at your disposal the different suites that we have: Crianza Suite, Reserva Suite or Gran Reserva Suite, with the wine theme as a common thread.

Needless to say that all of them are equipped with all kinds of comforts with high quality standards and an avant-garde style and at the same time functional, all this fused with stone walls and beams so that the stay becomes an unforgettable experience and make you spend a fantastic vacation in La Rioja.

Contact us and we will be happy to inform you about our gift vouchers.


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