We already have a Michelin star restaurant in Haro, specifically the restaurant Nublo. As you know we have always talked about the rich gastronomy in La Rioja, but not every day you have a Michelin star and less in Haro so we are going to talk about Nublo restaurant in Haro, so that you know it a little better.

First of all we must say that this is a newly opened restaurant so it has much more merit to get the precious star so quickly.

Without any doubt it has characteristics that make it very different from the rest and highlights the fact that it completely forgets the gas and electric kitchen to bet heavily on wood and coal, yes, we hear well and in the XXI century.

This shows us the personality of this restaurant from La Rioja. They only use technology in the previous preparation process but never during the service.

It is a cuisine based on the fact of doing things well, managing time and giving priority to calm and good work, making good use of the whole cycle from the origin of the product to the final result.

Undoubtedly, Nublo restaurant in Haro becomes a dynamizer of the area, making our rich land even more attractive.

In reference to the location, the Nublo restaurant is housed in an old palace in the heart of the old town of Haro. Inside we will find the reception, the wine bar, where we will taste succulent wines of the area and the restaurant itself with a kitchen open to the public as well as a private terrace.

Nublo bets for a real cuisine, giving great weight to the quality product, not hesitating to change dishes on the menu if the genre so requests since the priority is freshness and exquisite preparation.

Stay at our Wine & Soul Suites Apartments in Haro and enjoy everything we have to offer in La Rioja.


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